July 14, 2016


Nearing completion on a new series; check them all out here!

As of late, I've been lucky enough to work with the good folks at Birdy magazine, having had pieces in a couple of past and upcoming issues. Pick up a copy or three from The Best Merchants in Denver.
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Who Wants to Buy Stuff?

Well, now you can on this here site. Visit my shopping page to review some prints made in December 2015 - and perhaps purchase a couple for yourself or a loved one.

But wait, there's more ...
Prints, coffee mugs, and totes - featuring work both old and new are available at Society6
Older prints are available via TurningArt.

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Recent Exhibitions and Other Interesting Things

When not working on art ...

Vermont / New Hampshire - August 2013
London - May 2013
King's Park, Long Island, NY - August 2012

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