August 18, 2015


Just posted a bunch of paintings I completed during my epic 7 week summer vacation. O, how I miss you, time off ...

Rolling up my sleeves and getting ready for a bunch of fall & winter work. Follow my progress on Facebook or Instagram ~

Music Fans!

Keep an eye open for the debut full-length album by local heroes and friends, DBUK. For those of you in Denver, the release show will be on October 24th, at Denver's Mercury Cafe. For those of you who miss that opportunity to pick up the new release (which happens to feature cover and internal art by yours truly), please visit SCAC UNINCORPORATED's web store in late October to secure yourself a copy!

Recent Exhibitions

Are you looking for something to buy?

Prints, coffee mugs, and totes - featuring work both old and new are now available at Society6

Older prints are available via TurningArt

When not working on art ...

Vermont / New Hampshire - August 2013
London - May 2013
King's Park, Long Island, NY - August 2012

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