Ho Ho Ho!

For those of you in the giving spirit, consider checking out my Society6 page, which has been recently updated with 2014 paintings. Starting today through December 14th, Society6 will be offering special discounts, such as $5.00 off all items and free shipping (or, on December 9th, $10.00 off framed and canvas prints). If you're interested in obtaining some art prints on the cheap - be it for yourself or a friend - now's the perfect time!

Just completed a portrait of my friends Theresa and Babah. Check out other recent updates here

Recent Exhibitions

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Prints, coffee mugs, and totes - featuring work both old and new are now available at Society6

Older prints are available via TurningArt
Original and older prints available for purchase via PayPal are now listed here

When not working on art ...

Vermont / New Hampshire - August 2013
London - May 2013
King's Park, Long Island, NY - August 2012

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